This course focuses on the understanding of customer relations, performance, demeanor, appearance, attitude, crises, physical and mental changes of substance abuse, the definition of substance.

This course teaches the student the basic techniques to safely handcuff and control a suspect.

This course teaches students to report writing & documentation, English as a second language, observation, patrol procedures, asking appropriate questions, and observing suspects.

ESSI provides TASERĀ® Smart Weapon training for security professionals. Get hands-on weapon training and practical knowledge from subject matter experts with vast experience in TASER products.

California penal code requires you to complete training and obtain a license before you are legally allowed to carry pepper spray or tear gas on the job.

Element Security Solutions can fulfill these requirements by offering a comprehensive course in baton handling and employment.

Every two years you are required to renew a BSIS Firearm Permit. A semi-annual requalification is a requirement to renew a BSIS Firearm Permit.

Become an armed guard by obtaining a BSIS exposed firearm permit. (You may NOT carry a firearm on duty without having been issued a Firearm Permit from the BSIS.