Security Services

Element Security Solutions Inc’s security services are customized to meet each client’s individual needs. Our officers are trained to provide client support in a variety of ways and are available for permanent or temporary coverage. Our services can include: Vehicle Patrols Foot Patrols Emergency Response Executive protection Site Patrols or random patrol patterns Parking Lot […]

Tactical Medicine

Workplace Triage & Trauma Preparation (WTTP) The PREMIERE Tactical Medicine program on the market today! Adapted from Brandt Jorgenson’s (Valkyrie Dynamic Concepts LLC) Trauma in a Hostile Urban Environment, Workplace Triage & Trauma Preparation (WTTP) is the flagship program of ESSI’s course offerings. Years of research and study on hostile engagements — from historic WWII battlefields to modern urban […]

Emergency Planning

What are YOU doing to keep your employees, customers and company safe? Do you have a plan for emergency and security situations? Regardless of your current level of preparedness, ESSI can help. ESSI’s staff of security experts has decades of emergency and security planning. They have conducted security audits and created hundreds of plans for corporations, hotels, […]

First Responder

ESSI’s First Responder course is designed for security professionals, EMT, firefighters, law enforcement and any individuals or companies interested in learning how to respond to medical and security emergencies. This course is intended to complement our Active Shooter and Trauma in a Hostile Urban Environment courses.

Phase Training

As part of the Element Security Solutions Inc. “maximum preparedness” ethos, ESSI has developed a revolutionary approach to risk management philosophy called PHASE TRAINING™. Security experts agree that at its simplest, every security incident can be broken down into three phases: before, during, and after. ESSI refers to these three phases as: 1. PREVENTION 2. […]

Special Events

Gain Peace-of-Mind with a Secure Venue. Any major gathering carries with it the potential and opportunity for mayhem. As with any function, the safety and security of the attendees is at the forefront of every company’s concerns. From corporate outings to weddings and sporting events, ESSI can create a customized security plan to ensure everyone’s […]

Executive Protection

In an increasingly volatile world, corporate executives, government officials, diplomats, celebrities, and everyday people are turning to trained security professionals to keep them safe. For those new to the field, or for professionals interested in a refresher, ESSI offers a three day introductory Executive Protection (EP) course. Students will be given the basic knowledge necessary […]

Active Shooter Response

Plan, Train, Survive What would you do in an Active Shooter situation? It’s a simple but important question that, unfortunately, not enough people and businesses are asking themselves. The reality is that Active Shooter scenarios are now a part of our lives. Our best defense is to prepare for the worst, and hope for the […]

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