Tactical Medicine

Workplace Triage & Trauma Preparation (WTTP)

The PREMIERE Tactical Medicine program on the market today!

Adapted from Brandt Jorgenson’s (Valkyrie Dynamic Concepts LLC) Trauma in a Hostile Urban Environment, Workplace Triage & Trauma Preparation (WTTP) is the flagship program of ESSI’s course offerings. Years of research and study on hostile engagements — from historic WWII battlefields to modern urban combat environments — have been collected and analyzed to create the most current and relevant Tactical Medicine course in today’s market.

This course is intended to provide security professionals and law enforcement personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary to preserve life during and after a hostile conflict.

*ESSI offers custom WTTP courses for students with no prior tactical medicine experience. Call TODAY for a free consultation!

WTTP course curriculum includes:

  • Battlefield statistics (historic and modern-day)
  • Workplace violence statistics
  • Human anatomy, physiology and psychology
  • Mindset and shock recognition
  • Trauma identification and treatment
  • Emergency medical equipment familiarity and applications
  • Medical equipment preparation and carry methods.
  • Skills lab

skillslab3 skillslab skillslab2

In any situation, be prepared to act to preserve life.

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