Phase Training

As part of the Element Security Solutions Inc. “maximum preparedness” ethos, ESSI has developed a revolutionary approach to risk management philosophy called PHASE TRAINING™.

Security experts agree that at its simplest, every security incident can be broken down into three phases: before, during, and after. ESSI refers to these three phases as:




Below is a sample of ESSI’s proprietary PHASE analysis:



The “before” phase. ESSI asks the following questions to establish what a company has done ahead of time to prepare for every contingency.

– What are a company doing to protect itself, its staff, and its clients?

– Are the staff and security personnel adequately trained to handle any emergency?

– Do the necessary personnel have the requisite training and up-to-date qualifications for their position?

– Does everyone understand their legal authority and potential liability?


The “during” phase. The event is happening. ESSI asks the following questions to establish how a company behaves during a crisis.

– Is each staff member performing their assigned task(s)?

– Are they working as a team?

– Are they communicating?

– Have the appropriate authorities been contacted?

– Are the actions being taken safe and legal?


The “after” phase. The final (and possibly most important) stage. ESSI asks the following questions to establish how a company handles incident aftermath.

– Does the company have the accountability of all of its members and clients?

– If necessary, is the company keeping everyone secure and calm?

– Is staff trained to receive the authorities as they arrive?

– Does staff know how to deal/communicate with law enforcement and the media?

Each of ESSI’s training courses is designed to ensure that our clients are well prepared at each PHASE. Through our comprehensive security audits and consultations, ESSI will identify areas of strength and weakness and create the appropriate training system to address every concern.

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