Executive Protection

In an increasingly volatile world, corporate executives, government officials, diplomats, celebrities, and everyday people are turning to trained security professionals to keep them safe.

For those new to the field, or for professionals interested in a refresher, ESSI offers a three day introductory Executive Protection (EP) course. Students will be given the basic knowledge necessary to begin operating in the field of EP.

Course curriculum includes an introduction to:

  • Career field and professional opportunities
  • EP professional requirements and certifications
  • Proper dress and behavior
  • Formal and tactical communication
  • Escort procedures
  • Motorcade operations
  • Defensive tactics
  • Weapons handling and manipulation (armed guards)

Upon completion, students will receive a graduation certificate from ESSI.

Call 1-800-996-0889 or e-mail info@element-security.com for more information.

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